Sarpanit Akitu Duo in Sunray and Seamist

Sarpanit Akitu Duo in Sunray and Seamist


Sarpanit was the wife of Marduk, the chief god and the mother goddess of pregnancy. Her name means “the shining one” and she is often associated with the planet Venus. She was worshipped in the form of the rising moon and her marriage to Marduk was celebrated during the New Year in Ancient Babylon and was often depicted as being pregnant.

The Sarpanit is a beautiful mini shoulder bag to carry your essentials, giving you the freedom to greet new experiences with elegance as each day unveils them.


H: 16.5cm (25cm including handle) x L: 18cm x D: 8cm

All Ennigaldi bags are beautifully presented in a signature blue dustbag and gift box.

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