Ivo Morrison: I Even Got Scared Once or Twice at The Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street

‘I Even Got Scared Once or Twice’ is Ivo Morrison’s first UK solo exhibition and although he is usually based in London the art in this show was painted in Texas. The Rebecca Hossack Gallery is the perfect location for this exhibition; it is intimate and relaxing, working in perfect harmony with Morrison’s collection of works.  Morrison’s work is created with ink which he uses to create and tell the most beautiful and deep stories. 

‘I Even Got Scared Once or Twice’ focuses on the theme of loneliness and feeling outcast. The works offer viewers an insight into the ways that one can hide in their own imagination and create a world that is entirely their own in order to escape the current despair of todays modern existence. 

Morrison was inspired for this collection of works when he saw a young girl at Westfield shopping centre who was sat by herself. Every so often she would transform from a shy, meek creature into a ball of confidence, taking selfies on her phone, before turning back into the timid girl from before. 

In modern society we feel that we can never be alone, people these days can not know true loneliness, even when we are physically alone. There is always someone on the other end of technology, posting ourselves online to anyone and everyone, sharing every detail of our lives; we are never truly alone. 

The colour of the ink used in each piece is a deep blue. Blue is a cool and calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. It symbolises strength, loyalty, wisdom and trust, being known to have a calming effect on the psyche. It seeks peace and tranquility, promoting physical and mental relaxation, helping calm the feelings of loneliness, keeping viewers, and possibly the artist, in a relaxed state. 

The works in this exhibition explore the feelings of anxiety and isolation. Viewers might be able to connect to the feelings exhibited of loneliness from their own relationship with solitude. Morrison’s own relationship with solitude and loneliness is a painful and conflicted one; loneliness is seen as a sorrowful thing, and yet Morrison must separate himself from company in order to create his pictures. ‘I Even Got Scared Once or Twice’ explores the notion that it might be possible to someday find some hope and peace in loneliness and isolation.


‘I Even Got Scared Once or Twice' is on display until 31st July at The Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street. More information may be found here.