Georgie Hopton: Within A Budding Grove - Lyndsey Ingram Gallery

The Lyndsey Ingram Gallery is avidly preparing London for Spring with its current exhibition “Within a Budding Grove” by British artist, Georgie Hopton.

Using her own garden as her medium, Hopton uses the abundant produce of flowers, fruits and vegetables from her garden in her works. Disrupting the traditional notion of still life, she selects pieces from her garden then cuts them up and reincarnates them into new forms within her artworks. Hopton also creates large-scale collages using domestic materials such as fabric, yarn and paper, twisting and weaving these materials into images of flowers, breathing life into these mundane materials and giving them a new earthly feel and appearance.

The Lyndsey Ingram gallery perfectly compliments Hopton’s works with a beautiful display of potted lavender covering an entire dining table, giving viewers the feel of being in the midst of nature with the crisp, calming scent that lavender has to offer.

‘Within a Budding Grove’ is certainly not shy of colour, with each and every piece emanating bright, vivacious palettes. Using all the space in the gallery, covering not only the walls but the floor with her works, Hopton has created her own enchantingly intimate world for viewers. Upon entering the gallery viewers are surrounded by Hopton’s artworks on the walls, which are papered with her own hand-blocked wallpaper, while walking across an inviting floral rug also created by Hopton. Hopton explores all mediums of creation with her work, using a mixture of organic materials alongside paints.

‘Fragile Amanita’ and the aptly named ‘Vesuvius’ explode with colour and materials. Using oil paints and collage, Hopton includes wool in both designs which spills out from the canvases and onto the floor, in a beautifully controlled chaos.

Choosing to living across two continents, Hopton’s work is incredibly seasonal; drawing inspiration from the wet London winter and blossoming Spring. During early spring Hopton makes her annual migration to Upstate New York to sow seeds, returning during summer and autumn to nourish and harvest her crops, which will then be used in her artworks.

Using a magpie-like habit of collecting materials and objects, which stemmed from childhood, she gathers bits of fabric, wool and loose threads from items like sweaters, Hopton creates a refreshing hybrid approach to art, gifting the world with entirely new creations and outlooks on the art world. Using edible materials that have the potential to feed both the artist and her works.

‘Within a Budding Grove’ is a beautifully rich and natural exhibition, the works by Georgie Hopton coupled with the fresh flowers provided by the Lyndsey Ingram gallery truly create a space that ensnares the senses.

‘Within a Budding Grove’ is on display until April 5th at the Lyndsey Ingram Gallery. More information can be found here.