Behind The Art: An Interview With Margaux Wosk

We were delighted this month to have the opportunity to interview Canadian artist Margaux Wosk. Margaux draws inspiration from vintage goods and her initial desire to help a local cat rescue to create her works. Also finding inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s Margaux’s works are bursting with psychedelic colours and righteousness! 
Her works, and reasons for creating, are beautiful and pure, and deliver hope to anyone that you can do whatever your heart desires if you put your mind to it, and to not let anything stand in your way.

When creating, do you have an image in your head of how you want the piece to turn out, or do you just go with the flow?

Generally speaking, I just go with the flow. Sometimes I have a preconceived idea and sometimes it’s purely intuitive.

What is it about cats that inspires you to paint?

Well, I haven't always worked with images of cats. I have done abstract pieces, landscapes and other animals. I just drew some cats, decided to share them in cat Facebook groups and it took off from there. The positive feedback has been so amazing and it me inspires to create even MORE cat related artwork.

Do you moods impact your work?
 Do you use art as an escape from negativity?

My mood fluctuates a lot. Whether i’m mad, feeling okay or just mediocre, art is just a good escape and distraction.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? What is your preferred time to create?

I like to be up earlier. Generally around 8-10AM. I try to sleep at 10PM every night. I don’t know if I have a preferred time, it’s really when the mood randomly strikes that I take advantage of the sudden burst of creativity.

Why do you do what you do?

Well, being Autistic, I need a way to stimulate my brain and I just have this unwavering drive to create endless things. I might as well just go with the flow.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, who or what kind of music do you listen to most?

I don’t listen to music terribly often when I make art. If I do, I listen to 60’s and 70’s rock and pop music. The Canadian Gold playlist on Spotify is excellent. I love David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Abba, The Beegees, The Beatles and many more.

A lot of the time I watch films or television shows when I work. I don’t know if it’s so much watching as it is listening.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I look at my cats, I like to look at pyrex dish collections and old tableware and kitchen accessories at the thrift store. Vintage things are excellent!

What is the art scene like where you live?

It has been terribly inaccessible for me. I have tried so hard to find venues for my work and it’s been very hard. I do have a restaurant showing in 2020 in Vancouver BC & will be showcasing with a group show (Kickstart Disability for the arts) in Harrison Hot Springs in 2020 as well.

I’ve actually written a few articles the : The Art of Autism — LINK

What three people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?

Tough question! David Cassidy, Davy Jones and either John Lennon or George Harrison. I can’t choose between the two.

Describe a situation that really inspired you.

I don’t know if it was a situation but I collected these free coupons for cat food to donate to my local cat charity, and when the lady came to pick them up, I offered to make art for them to raise donation funds. That really has continued to inspire me!

When did you first feel you calling to create art?

I have no idea. Art class in elementary school and maybe even in preschool was my favourite part of the day. My mom is a calligrapher and my sister is dabbling in different mediums. My sister’s Etsy is: BWSKART

What is your favourite colour and why?

Red and purple. I cant choose between the two and they look amazing together. I just love the vibrancy of red and the calm nature of purple.

What superpower would you have, and why?

Maybe to be a master of social skills. I know that’s not the best superpower to list but my social skills are terrible. It’s definitely part of being Autistic (even though it’s a spectrum and everyone is different) and it’s something i’ve always struggled with.

Do you have a muse or role model?

My mom, for sure. She has been doing art for longer than i’ve been allowed and I always watched her work her magic. She tells me I inspire her now to continue. I love that it can now go both ways.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

That’s a tough question. I am truly proud of all my work because of the way it has helped me get out of tough emotions and gives me a place to find solace in a chaotic world.

Are you currently working on anything?

I’m trying to get my website up and running, connecting more people with my art and trying to decide what item to add to my shop next. Might get more note cards made.

Do you look at the work of other artists?

I do. I really admire other work. I love galleries, museums and I also LOVE that the city of Vancouver has added so many murals. It really brings colour and beauty and makes it accessible for even those just walking by. I just wish it was more accessible for the artists and not just the admirers. We’re getting there, slowly.

What do you think makes art ‘good’?

Everyone decides what is good to them. I really admire any artist and I don’t judge the work. I just take it in. I appreciate that it’s a true expression from someone’s soul.

What are your top three holiday destination?

I would love to go to Italy, Japan and Australia.

Who would you say is your favourite artist?

Gosh, this is a hard question! If you're considering classic artists, Piet Mondrian. I had the pleasure of seeing his work in a gallery in the Netherlands.

If you're talking about artists of today, definitely Beth of DoodleCats/DoodleBeth. You MUST check her work out. It’s incredible.

What is your favourite work of art any why?

Eeek. I don’t have one! I love it all. I can’t choose because they’re all such individualistic expressions.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Comfortable. I don't really put too much thought into it. Most days you’ll find me in black jeans, a t-shirt and slip on vans. No makeup, just brushed hair. If i’m going out somewhere almost the same outfit but a nicer shirt, makeup and natural wavy hair.

What is your most treasured possession?

I don’t have one.

Has your work changeover time? If so, what caused the change, if anything?

My subject matter fluctuates. I don’t think it’s too different other than that. it’s just what strikes me at the time.

Personally, what’s your goal?

I would love to get my art out to more people and expand my offerings.

I would also love to break down stigmas around what Autistic people care capable of, continue to help cats in my community and get my art in to some local stores and galleries.

What advice would you give to those willing to pursue a creative path?

Keep going. I’ve been at this for about a decade or longer and it’s only recently that i’ve really been able to see what i’m capable of. Find the right audience for you work too and personally connect with people who find the value in your artwork.

I have made so many new friends and they have brightened my horizon, provided great conversation and give me honest feedback which has been helping me grow.


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