Johannes Girardoni 'Sensing Singularity' at Lévy Gorvy

Austrian born Johannes Girardoni is an American sculptor and installation artist. Girardoni’s primary materials consist of beeswax, found wood, pigment, resin and light. His latest exhibition ‘Sensing Singularity’ is Girardoni’s first solo exhibition to be presented in the UK at the Lévy Gorvy gallery in London. 

‘Sensing Singularity’ explores the relationship between material and light via a collection of sculptures and a mammoth sized ‘Metaspace’. The exhibition also features an interactive installation for viewers which incorporates a third element: sound. 

Visitors are invited to climb into a giant aluminium pod, known as ‘Metaspace V3’, sit back, and relax as a hypnotic rainbow of colours and sounds wash over them. Inside the pod are reclined leather seats for viewers to lay down and lose themselves in as the mesmerising and trance-inducing sounds are played through speakers throughout the pod. The pod works with the viewers inside as the colours and sounds differ and react to the movements of the people inside, making each and every experience unique. The whole experience is incredibly immersive, and almost works like a seductive aesthetic as viewers find themselves not wanting to leave as their bodies and senses succumb to the bewitching lull of the pod. 

In another room of the gallery, viewers are once again invited to interact with Girardoni’s works as a series of circular sculptures have been placed on each wall. Each sculpture is not only visually pleasing, as each one is a stunning vibrant colour, but they are audibly pleasing also. The gallery supplies smart phones, or viewers can download the ‘Resonant Lens’ app which scans each sculpture and creates various sounds for each efferent sculpture. 

The third section of the exhibition includes sculptures created from found wood and coloured beeswax. The wax has been allowed to drip in a natural fashion down the sides of the wood. This effect is especially pleasing and satisfying as it shows art in a less controlled way, and that art can be free flowing and natural. 

‘Sensing Singularity’ explores a point in todays culture where technology and human perception are ready to merge. It includes various technological aspects that welcome the interactivity of viewers, so that they may work in harmony with the installations and experience the relaxing delights of discovering new definitions of, sound and colour. 


‘Sensing Singularity' is on display until September 15th at the Lévy Gorvy gallery. More information may be found here.


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