Amy Judd: Beautifully Obscure at Hicks Gallery

As London bounces head first into Summer, Amy Judd’s “Beautifully Obscure” at the Hicks Gallery is very much welcomed. The Hicks gallery itself a beautiful work of art; the floral theme on the canvases spreading into the gallery and flowers flourish throughout the space, giving it a refreshing and light atmosphere that makes visitors feel incredibly welcome and relaxed. Also on display is a bookshelf containing items that are straight from Amy Judd’s studio that she uses to create or inspire her works. Judd’s collection of artworks all feature female figures that tower over viewers on the monumental canvases on which they're painted. Each figure is obscured by tremendous, bold and vibrant blooms of flowers, either as some sort of headpiece or as flowing hair.

‘Fall and Flourish’ shows a woman, her face covered by voluptuous pink flowers that continue to flow down her back and across the canvas. ‘Celestial Light Catcher’ shows another woman, her face also shielded, but this time by gigantic white wings that stretch around her facade, wrapping themselves around her and engulfing her in their innocence. Although seemingly casual with the woman wearing a white tank top, the piece has an angelic and dreamy air about it.

‘Blue Jay Girl’ shows another young woman, her head engulfed in giant pink flowers, this time her head assemblage contains a blue jay, nestled amongst the flowers, its tail hanging loosely against the woman face. Similarly, ‘Blue Jay Stowaway’ shows another girl, maybe the same girl, her head also hidden by bouquet of flowers, only now the blue jay has worked his way further into the flowers, and appears half hidden peeping out from the middle, his magnificent bright blue feathers contrasting beautifully with the pastel pink flowers.

‘Butterfly Hymn’ replaces flowers for a mammoth-sized butterfly. Its wings spread wide, displaying a perfectly symmetrical set of heavenly white wings. The butterfly has replaced the face and head of the woman in the painting. She appears nude; embracing nature and her natural form.

As well as a love of flowers, nudity is a dominant theme in Judd’s paintings. ‘Wondering Warrior’, ‘Inflorescent Amazon’, ‘Elegant Petals’ and ‘Midnight Arrangement’ also contain nudity that is displayed in a sensual yet elegant manner. The pieces are incredibly pure and natural, embracing the wonderful form that is the female body.

‘Flora’s Cascade’ is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces on display. The beautifully slender model runs her hands through her hair; hair that has been replaced by huge white flowers that cascade down her back and across the canvas. The simplicity, pureness and naturalness of the piece will leave viewers stunned; desperate for more.

Viewers will find it incredibly apparent that every figure in Judd’s paintings has her face hidden. In fact, this lends the onlooker more ownership over each painting; the artist’s obscuring of the subjec’s face allows one create their own image, making each piece much more personal and unique as new faces are conjured and inventive images swirl through each viewer’s head as they admire each of Judd’s beautiful works of art.

Amy Judd’s Beautifully Obscure exhibition is on at Hicks Gallery until 16th June.  More information may be found here.