Sarah Cain: Wild Flower at Timothy Taylor Gallery

Wild Flower is a solo exhibition at the Timothy Taylor Gallery that consists of new works by LA-based artist Sarah Cain. It is Cain’s second time exhibiting in the UK in six years, and it has been well worth the wait as Wild Flower offers viewers a gorgeous break from London’s monotonous grey streets.

The exhibition consists of a colourful and vibrant collection of abstract works made up from many various materials, including paint, sticks, beads, pastels, chains, flowers, crystals, bells and glass. The use of the these objects causes the paintings to tear away from the walls and reach out towards the viewers, as though they have lives of their own.

‘Wild Flower’ (a work on Site), has been painted directly onto the walls, spreading across the entire back wall of the gallery. The piece is a mixture is materials and styles, with perfectly painted straight lines and edges contrasting with spray painted graffiti and a vase of flowers. In front of the painting sits a wooden chair, which has also been painted, suggesting that it was simply in the way and got caught up in the erratic creating of the painting.

‘Crying Cat Eyes’ is plentiful in colours, which blur into one another, hypnotising viewers as they stare deep into the cat’s eyes. The colour segments in the pupil of the eye are separated by cat whiskers, giving this painting an organic, natural feeling.

Illuminating the gallery, inside and out, is ‘Wild Flower (Stained Glass)’. A huge stained glass window that bursts with colour as the sun shines through it, emitting an enchanting glow throughout the room. The glass has been installed into the windows of the gallery, pouring colour out onto the street, beckoning passers by in to marvel at the bold beauty this exhibition has to offer.

Sarah Cain has created a beautiful collection of wall-based works that work in tandem with an array of sculptural pieces to create a stunning three-dimensional space. Besides this, the mere sight of the colours bouncing off of each other from wall to wall around the gallery is spectacular and something not to be missed.

Sarah Cain’s Wild Flower at Timothy Taylor Gallery is on until 25th May.  More information may be found here.