Portal at October Gallery

‘Portal’ is an incredibly captivating and thought-provoking exhibition currently showing at the October Gallery in London. It comprises of works by various artists including Greg Dunn, Rafael Trelles, Rithika Merchant, Pablo Amaringo, Chewang Dorje Lama and Ralo Mayer.

Portal explores the new-found discoveries in neuroscience that seem to imply that the human brain itself creates some kind of controlled hallucination, which we perceive as ‘reality’. Combining art and science the works of art presented create a gateway for viewers to journey through in order to examine how trances, visions and dreams manifest in human consciousness - which are the raw materials that artists use to create their visions. A thought to ponder is that just because something is happening inside your head, why should that mean it is not real?

Greg Dunn’s stunning works, including ‘Brainbow Hippocampus’, are focal points of the exhibition, which explore the human brain. Dunn also holds a PhD in neuroscience and he uses his knowledge to assist in the creation of his captivating images and video installations displaying the inner workings, the complex beauty and intricate neural network patterns of the brain.

Rafel Trelles offers a different approach, shocking viewers with his dazzling series of works entitled Flora, which are created by combining digitally-created watercolours and pencil sketches of beautiful natural scenes that include human elements alongside the natural beauty of flora and fauna. This stunning combination suggests to viewers themes of hidden and otherworldly insights.

Many years ago, the Peruvian shaman, Pablo Amaringo, drank ayahuasca from the Amazon Jungle, resulting in him having complex visions while he danced of the edge of consciousness. He then shared his visions in glowing detail by recreating them with paint on paper.

Portal is a exquisite exhibition that envelopes viewers in wild and fantastic visions, exploring the barely understood science of neurology. The walls are covered in colourful and enigmatic works of art inspired by one of the most mysterious structures in the universe - the human brain. Portal truly bewitches the minds and ensnares the senses.

'Portal' is on at October Gallery until 5th May 2018.  More information may be found here.