My Favourite Colour Is Rainbow at Lyndsey Ingram Gallery

In the depths of London’s harsh winter, Lyndsey Ingram Gallery’s current exhibition presents a very welcome and warming sanctuary. My Favourite Colour is Rainbow a group exhibition featuring contemporary artists Polly Apfelbaum, Damien Hurst, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor, Ian Davenport, Olaf Nicolai, John Giorno and Mel Bochner. This highly regarded group of artists has delved into the beauty of the colour spectrum, looking at the technicolour aspect of printmaking, which is usually a monochromatic exercise.

Being surrounded by coloured prints of such exotic and vibrant colours is particularly special, considering it is much more complicated to produce coloured prints as it involves combining different inks and matrices. This production process presents a challenge to keep the colour quality tight and clear, ensuring a consistent quality across the entire piece/collection. Colour printing often requires a complex layering process, using special hand-made elements. No doubt, the artists behind the works on show have gone to great lengths to produce them.

Damien Hirst’s “Tetrahydrocannabinol” spot etching demonstrates his dedication to perfection and precision as each spot was applied by hand to the plate and each one is made up of Pantone colours that are never repeated. This large-scale painting looks simple at first glance but understanding the method, the time and effort that has gone into creating it makes it nothing short of superb, resulting in a most ambitious spectrum of colour.

This exhibition exudes the kind of positivity a wide range of vibrant colours can convey. Using every colour in the rainbow, as seen especially in Polly Apfelbaum’s ‘Mosaic Mile I’, the show has a hypnotic, entrancing effect.

Rainbows speak directly to our hearts and souls, heralding a fresh start. They bring the promise that troubles will pass, and fresh new beginnings await. This exhibition is loaded with such optimism, as suggested in the title and also in its mix of fantastical colours and positive messages around the gallery, amplified in John Giorno’s work, ‘Poem Prints’. Mel Bochner’s embossed prints ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Amazing’ offer viewers an entire canvas of inspirational quotes and words full of positivity. It is felt as though the words are reaching out from the wall, physically created through speech, due to the embossed effect of the piece.

The rainbow is also a symbol of following ones hearts desires and purpose, to reach the end of a rainbow is a symbol for the celebration of fulfilment, much like how the artists featured in this exhibition should and must feel after successfully completing such complex vivid prints. The stunning bursts of colour are filled with a magic that bestows visitors with a feeling that their dreams can come true, urging them to hold onto hope let the shadows of doubt be washed away with the enchanting colours of the rainbow.

My Favourite Colour Is Rainbow is the perfect antidote to the cold grey streets of London outside the gallery.  The exhibition is on at Lyndsey Ingram Gallery until 23rd March. More information may be found here.