Murakami & Abloh: "Future History" at Gagosian Gallery

Future History is a colourful, urban inspired exhibition by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh, currently on display at the Gagosian gallery in Davies Street. The exhibition presents a beautiful mixture of colourful street art and graffiti, with many cute and charming details. The giant sculptures that are seen through the windows of the gallery do a marvellous job of drawing viewers in to see their outstanding magnificence.

Abloh and Murakami create their art together, which is inspired by social observations, media, and the desire to see the future, to see new things and create those things, calling it art.

In the middle of the room stands a huge glass house structure. The glass has been dirtied and covered in black paint, giving the appearance that it has been burnt and damaged over many years of neglect. Along the side of the house, the words, ‘Life itself’ are written. This could represent the glass structure being the fragile minds and bodies of human beings, with an enormous amount of damage and ageing happening to them on the outside.

Next to this dark and filthy structure stands a huge cartoon flower sculpture. It is the complete opposite of the house in that it is shiny and joyful, with bouncy curves to its shape and bright colours on its smiling face.

On the other side of the room, a towering silver sculpture of what appears to be an interpretation of Mickey Mouse faces the window, allowing the sun to shine on it, illuminating all its glory.

Other paintings around the room feature bright and bubbly colours, as hundreds of flowers are spread over a canvas, each one donning a wide smile, beaming down at viewers.

A quote by American Novelist, Toni Morrison, says, “If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” This quote speaks volumes for ‘Future History’ as that is what artists Murakami and Abloh wanted to portray with this exhibition. Murakami & Abloh want to spread the message that any piece of art you imagine and wish to create is a small glimpse into the future and that you should go ahead and create it with your vision.

Murakami and Abloh's Future History exhibition is on at Gagosian Gallery, Davies St. until 7th April.  More information may be found here.