Martyn Brewster: Shadows & Light at Waterhouse & Dodd

Waterhouse & Dodd is currently showing a beautiful collection of paintings entitled ‘Shadows & Light’ by British artist, Martyn Brewster. Brewster is inspired to paint his creative exploration within his works by the coastal light of the south coast of Dorset where he lives and works. ‘Shadows & Light’ is an abstract display of different moods and lighting.

 ‘Nocturne no. 1’ is a colossal wave of blue shades. The light blue and white areas surrounded by the darker shades give viewers the impression that heavy beams of light are projecting onto the painting but in fact, this is not the case; it is simply the brilliant trickery of Brewster using paint to create magical illusions.

‘Summer Light’ is a blinding and intense canvas of orange, with a flash of blue creeping through the middle. Representing the blazing sun in summertime, this painting offers a pleasant atmosphere to the predominantly blue toned collection, and viewers can almost feel the warm sun beaming down over their bodies.

‘To The River’ is a magnificent painting displaying a watery boat scene. The colour palette is a dreary, pale blue one, and yet it gives off such a pleasant atmosphere and is filled with a high amount of grace. A large portion of the canvas is taken up by a smeared pale blue smudge, wile although intentional, it gives viewers the appearance of looking through a camera at the boats, and water has splashed up, creating a blurry drip on the lens. This effect makes the painting feel incredibly immersive for viewers.

‘Winter Garden no. 4’ and ‘Winter Garden no. 3’ are medium-sized square canvases that consist of pale blue and green tones, creating a fresh, icy mood. ‘Winter Garden no. 3’ shows hints of green with tiny details that could represent birds flying through the sky, giving viewers a small glimpse of the spring to come after the harsh winter. The paintings are situated by themselves along a wall with ‘Blue Shadows no. 2’ accompanying them, making a delightful trio or frozen blue works.

Shadows & Light is a sensational exhibition, exhibiting an incredible exploration of light and time and how both elements cause beautiful, natural effects on the world, while displaying Brewster’s vision under these effects.

Martyn Brewster: Shadows & Light is on at at Waterhouse & Dodd until 23rd March.  More information may be found here.