Tara Donovan: Compositions at PACE Gallery, London

The Pace Gallery is currently staging an exciting, fresh exhibition by Tara Donovan entitled, ‘Compositions’. The exhibition features the artist’s most recent series of works and is Donovan’s first exhibition to be held at Pace London.

‘Compositions’ displays Donovan’s absolute commitment to her creativity, showing her acclaimed ability to discover instinctive and hereditary physical characteristics of an object and then transforming it into art. ‘Compositions’ comprises of variously sized wall-mounted framed works that explore a new sculptural technique, creating two-dimensional picture planes.

Donovan layered and heaped styrene cards, positioned such a way that they almost resemble the formations of stalagmites or eroded materials. Donovan has inverted the process of outward sculpting, by sculpting inward, using the frame as a means to control the density of the cards. Each Composition develops slowly through this stacking process, eventually leaving the striking result of a two-dimensional surface pattern of lines, produced by the edges of the cards, that sometimes form into curved illusions.

The gallery’s exposed white walls offer the perfect backdrop the Donovan’s monochrome Compositions, which themselves are colourless; filling the room with a crisp, fresh atmosphere.

The plainness of the exhibition offers viewers a welcomed relief from the business and over-coloured world outside, offering a chance to relax in this pale breath of new air.

The monochromatic compositions on display offer new information to viewers on closer inspection, revealing the secrets of their creation. The artworks appear to be flat works from a distance, but viewers’ curiosity draws them closer and they are highly rewarded with the discovery of the undulating fields of material on closer inspection.

Viewers are invited to feel the excitement of Donovan’s creations and the unknown as each piece appears slightly different depending on the angles they are viewed from. It is possible to find something new in each piece as one makes their way around the gallery, creating a highly involved, interactive visual experience, which allows for a deeper connection with the artworks.

Tara Donovan: Compositions is on at PACE Gallery London until 9th March 2018.  More information may be found here.