Tracy Lee-Griffith: Herd at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Herd is Tracy Lee Griffith’s first solo exhibition in the Rebecca Hossack Gallery. It consists of pieces made from animal skulls, which have been reworked with neon and resin, creating vibrant and stunning pieces of sculpture. 

Griffith draws her rich and hypnotic sense of colour from influences gathered from her nomadic lifestyle. She grew up in Westchester, New York and St. John in the US Virgin Islands, and has since spent time in California, Hong Kong, London and Portland. Griffith used the character of each place she lived and visited to inspire various contexts of her work.

Griffith’s use of animal skulls for this exhibition relates back to her deep connection with the natural world. They are inspired by her treks in Botswana and South Africa, where she rode with herds of antelopes, kudus and wildebeests. The light that shone and fell across the faces and horns of these creatures inspired Griffith to use neon and light extensively in her creations, instigating a new sculptural investigation and analysis of colour.

The exhibition lures viewers into a lively and kaleidoscopic party, the hosts being the reanimated skulls of the Bovidae family. Viewers are hypnotised as they are surrounded by bright, flashing lights that wrap around the gnus and engulf the viewers in neon flames.

Griffith’s actions in the creation of this exhibition could almost be construed as Godlike in that she has taken the skulls of these dead creatures, and bought them back to life with heavenly beams of light that warm the cold feel of death, alongside her delicate, intricately detailed paintings on the surface of the skulls.

Herd is an incredibly beautiful exhibition that takes viewers back to nature, to appreciate the sheer magnitude of these beasts that are found deep within its heartland, with their horns towering over viewers (who have to mind their heads), while also spinning a modern and artful twist on the pieces with the use of the brightly coloured resin and neon lights, herding the viewers and wildlife away from their natural habitat and towards the upbeat city club scene.

Tracy Lee-Griffith: Herd is on at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street until 24th February 2018.  More information may be found here.