Contemporary Visions 8 at BEERS London

BEERS London is currently showcasing a beautiful collection of works by various artists in their annual group exhibition, Contemporary Visions 8, including Sofia Donovan, Oli Epp, Daniel Jensen, Nicola Kloosterman, Igor Moritz, Stamatis Papazoglou, Christian Ruiz-Berman, Nicolas Sasoon, Jack Towndrow, and Jiyoung Yoo. The exhibition features a mixture of paintings and sculptures, made from a variety of materials and media, in all different shapes and forms.

The exhibition is very much about finding one’s identity, or even knowing and expressing one’s identity. This is particularly evident in Sofia Donovan’s work through her use of spheres and curves, which express the intimacy of personal relationships, and the beautiful curved form of the female figure. Donovan uses her personal experience as an immigrant to express a strange feeling of having an almost hybrid identity; a chimera of cultures. Nicola Kloosterman also uses the female form as a source of inspiration for her work, along with landscapes, faces and nature. Kloosterman uses coloured paper and textiles from fashion magazines to create magnificent collages that explore the concepts of perception and femininity.

Oli Epp uses his observations of everyday life to inspire his pieces, creating somewhat of an abstract autobiography. Epp documents events and situations he has either personally been involved in or that he witnessed either in public or in private, using these unremarkable moments to create remarkable pieces of art.

Christian Ruiz-Berman also summons his experiences and feelings of having a hybrid national identity, after he was forcefully deported from his homeland of Mexico, to create his pieces. He focuses on memories from his childhood, migration and having to adapt to a whole new world and society. Ruiz-Berman explores the concept of reality in his work, fascinated by the thought that reality is not a set of discrete realities but rather an endless and complex web of interactions. Ruiz-Berman creates phenomenal pieces that can be understood by neither language or logic.

The exhibition is an overwhelming beautiful collection of works that prompt the viewer to dig deep within their souls, reaching down to their core identity, where they are and how the see this world we live in. Each artist has something different to share with viewers that they may even have in common, creating deep and personal connections between the artists themselves and the gallery’s visitors.

Contemporary Visions 8 at BEERS London is on until 24th February 2018.  More information may be found here.