Selected Works by Makiko Kudo at The Saatchi Gallery

For any art enthusiast, or simply anyone who enjoys beautiful things, a trip to the Saatchi Gallery to view Japanese artist, Makiko Kudo’s enchanting paintings is a must.

Makiko Kudo’s works on display are fabulously colourful and vibrant, filled with magic and youthful themes of adventure and enjoyment. The artist uses bright, fun colours that are richly applied onto the canvas in a free and independent style. There is a noticeable lack of black paint used, only extremely dark blue, green, and brown tones, almost reaching black, but not quite. The absence of black further expresses that youthfulness and innocence of the paintings.

Each painting towers over the viewer, creating a gigantic portal for the viewer to step through, as their vision is pulled into the fantastical worlds of the paintings.

‘Floating Island’ features a sparkling blue stream, surrounded by lush green foliage and vegetation, with hanging vines and branches. In the middle of the painting, a girl is shown lounging with a swan. The interaction shown in this painting shows the deep innocence and connection between humans and animals, should a relation be allowed and nurtured.

A particularly arresting painting is ‘Stage Curtain’ which shows a girl toppling down a deep, dark blue space, while surrounded by trees and flowers, which illuminate the picture. The brightness and pureness of the blue and green against the dark background create a show-stopping scene that is as escapist as it is reflective of the real world full of anxiety about toppling from the edge.

The theme of youth continues with ‘Burning Red’, which shows a forest of brown and green, with a powdery blue sky, barely visible, peeking through the gaps in the branches. A young girl, dressed in celestial blue, with hair to match, lies across the tops of the trees, completely and utterly relaxed. Provoking reminiscence of joyful childhood activities such as adventures in forests and climbing trees, the painting invites viewers back to a time when nature offered an exciting new and beautiful world to explore.

The beauty of nature and childhood, is without a doubt an underlying theme in Kudo’s paintings. The scenes are set, and yet they are still open to interpretation through the viewers’ own memories and fantasies.

The Works by Makiko Kudo are on display as part of the ICONOCLASTS: ART OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, on display until 7th January 2018. More information may be found here.