Adam Lee: This Earthen Tent at BEERS London 

Australian-born artist, Adam Lee, presents his series of paintings under an exhibition entitled ‘This Earthen Tent’ at BEERS London. Lee completed the paintings in his barnyard studio in the Australian countryside and the pictures stand as a metaphor for the experience of lamentation and the acts of human pilgrimage. 

Possibly inspired by his surroundings, themes of nature, family and protection are found in the artist’s paintings, leaving the viewer with a sense of nostalgia or longing for comforts of the past. 

The gallery is a clear, open space, with white walls, which offer the perfect contrasting backdrop to the bold colours of Lee’s artwork. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer is greeted by a single, captivating painting on one wall. The paintings are placed sparsely all around the space, giving the viewer the opportunity to view each marvellous piece from every angle and position. 

The majority of the paintings consist of bright colour palettes, surrounded by dark tones and black. Although harsh, dark colours are used the paintings emit a warm sense of connection, especially through the images of figures embracing one another. 

The exhibition emits a fantastical and folklorish atmosphere. This is enhanced by the archaic figures, which Lee seemingly has a deep curiosity with, and the scenes of figures around a divine metaphoric figure or protagonist. The warm colours of the paintings give off a glow, creating the illusion of life and warmth radiating from them. 

On the far side of the gallery, a huge painting towers over the room, an incredibly beautiful piece. The painting shows male and female figures, possibly on a pilgrimage, clutching a child to their chests. The colour palette of blues and yellow conjures the notion of a warm, dark night. Blue is widely recognised as a calming colour and this shines through the painting, inviting the viewer to enjoy the comforting associations of family under the nurturing yellow light of the moon and stars.

This exhibition presents the visitor with a journey that takes in both home comforts and visions of the divine; an experience that delightfully removes one from the mundanities of every day life and yet celebrates the normality of familial connections, causing one to crave the sheltering presence of those closest to them.

Adam Lee’s “This Earthen Tent” is on show at BEERS London until 30th September.  More information may be found here.