Arthur Elgort at Atlas Gallery, London

Arthur Elgort’s exhibition at the Atlas Gallery is his first solo exhibition in the UK, and it is stunning. 

Renowned for his fashion photography, Elgort has included some of his own personal work; placing the widely known images alongside the rarely seen.

The exhibition shows high fashion photographs including famous models such as Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Stella Tennant, as well as beautiful shots of nature and animals. 

The majority of the photos are in black and white, removing any potential distractions of colour and allowing the viewer to focus more on the subjects. 

There is a great purity in the photographs of animals. A magnificent shot of two lionesses on the African plains unveils a surprisingly gentle side to wildlife often thought of as fierce. 

Another beautiful photograph is of Kate Moss in Nepal, gently embracing an elephant. The simplicity of the shot, and of the model, invites the viewer to admire the wonders of nature, and the harmony that can found between animals and humans.

In the lower level of the gallery there are sunny photos of a suburban house and family with Karlie Kloss and an image of Stella Tennant diving into a blue pool wearing a winter coat and boots after a photoshoot on a hot day. 

On the blue wall of the lower level, there are photographs of The Rolling Stones at a farm riding horses and there is also a beautiful photograph of ‘Heather, Susan, and Irene’, three beautiful models with tousled hair, half undressed, using their hands and arms to cover themselves. There isgreat sense of freedom and fun in these pictures.

This exhibition is a must-see for anyone who would like to enjoy the escapism offered by the fashion world alongside the beauty offered by the natural world.  Elgort merges both worlds beautifully and the sheer perfection captured in each shot is breathtaking.  His photographs are of the highest professional standard and yet still seem personal, creating images that will last in the viewer’s mind long after they’re seen.

The Arthur Elgort exhibition is on show at Atlas Gallery until 2nd September 2017.  More information may be found here.