Nathalie Du Pasquier, ‘From Time to Time’ at Pace Gallery, London

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s exhibition, ‘From Time to Time’ at Pace Gallery is full of simple colour block paintings and bold sculptures and is an incredibly bright and fun experience to take in.  

Du Pasquier was born in France in 1957 and is a self-taught artist who translates her observations of the world into colourful abstract shapes. The artworks in this exhibition are made up of various shapes and patterns that conjure basic forms that we are familiar with, such as cupboards filled with objects, streets with towering buildings and household rooms. The purpose of these familiar objects is to help the viewers connect further with the pieces by seeing something from the everyday, even in a new and different context. 

Du Pasquier combines bright, loud and forceful colours with thick, intense black lines in her paintings to simplify her work. This style really commands the attention of the viewer, especially when starkly contrasted against the plain white walls of the gallery. Du Pasquier also painted some of the surrounding walls in bold colours to further exaggerate and contrast against the colours she used in her paintings. 

There are many sculptures dispersed around the exhibition.  These are created from wood and painted with only one or two transparent colours. These sculptures represent different objects you would find at home, such as vases and buildings and towers are also depicted. The design of the sculptures has a very bold and simplistic style.  Their shapes are not overly-complicated, making them not only easier to visually take in but their meanings easier to digest.

In the middle the gallery, there is a small room consisting of walls that have been painted a bright, vibrant redThis room showcases more of Du Pasquier’s art and the fiery, red backdrop inflames the paintings and the viewer is completely immersed in the artist’s work.

Overall, this is a highly captivating exhibition.  There is a tangible beauty in the simplicity that Du Pasquier presents and the bright colours dotted around the gallery provide an uplifting journey that will send any visitor into a joyful and contented mood.

‘From Time to Time’ at Pace Gallery is open until 4th August.  More information may be found here.