Ennigaldi Arrives in Wonderland Shop, Piccadilly, London

Ennigaldi popped up in Wonderland Magazine's pop-up shop in Piccadilly over the weekend.  A selection of bags from our Mesopotamia Collection will be available to view or purchase in the store until its closure at the end of May.

Wonderland, one of the most creative style and culture publications in circulation, has materialised into an eclectic space that is as interesting to browse through as the magazine itself, the only difference being that you can touch and buy what you see. Amongst the array of delightful designer items and the glow of neon lights, you will find fashion for men and women, homeware, beauty and lifestyle goods and of course, lots of magazines.  We are delighted to have our bags presented within this stylish curation.  Be sure to stop by 192 Piccadilly between now and the end of May for a look! More on Wonderland Shop may be read here