Ennigaldi Presents the Akitu Collection for Spring/Summer 2017

As days stretch, cherry blossom petals float in the breeze and the smell of cut grass fills the air, we are proud to present our Akitu Collection for Spring.  Named after the Ancient Babylonian Festival of Spring, the Akitu collection comprises of duo and trio-toned pastel interpretations of our original Mesopotamia Collection. Akitu was a time of great rejoicing as the Babylonians celebrated the gods' victory over the harsh elements of winter and the dawn of new life.  

Spring is not only a time of a new lease of life but it is also a period of great hope; a blank canvas on which to paint your most colourful dreams and set your most important intentions to take shape in summer's bloom.  To reflect this new season, our classic Babylonian-inspired designs have been infused with fresh light in soft hues of sea-mist, sun-ray, blush pink, grey and white clay - the colours summer dreams are made of.  

Crafted in highly limited numbers, the collection will be available to order from our online boutique from 16th May.  Discover more here.