Daphne Selfe - A Supermodel and a Role Model


At London Fashion Week, last September, we had the pleasure of meeting Daphne Selfe, a British supermodel, who is celebrated for her beauty that only shines brighter with time,

Daphne, who was filming with BBC's The One Show for a feature on Charles Frederick Worth (see more about the show here).  She took a shine to our Nintu tote while at the Designer Showrooms and we were delighted to present her with her very own.  Daphne shares our values of creativity and self-empowerment and we can think of no better muse to be carrying one of our creations.

Daphne, who is 88 and continues to be in high demand on the catwalks and photo studios of the world's fashion capitals, is a wonderful example of a woman who has carved he own career path in the creative world and has not let time stand in her way.

Tales of her fashion career are documented in her recently published memoir, The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes, which makes a very interesting and nostalgic read following her relationship with garments from the frocks made by her mother as a child to elaborate creations worn as a fashion model from 1949.   Daphne's positive "can-do" attitude is evident in her reflection on completing the book: "I want to share with you my excitement at having achieved this goal and I would love you to read my story so far!  But more than that I’d like to encourage you that it is never too early or too late to take on new challenges and achieve things you didn’t think you could do.  Don’t listen to the big and loud reasons why you can’t do something just concentrate on the tiny signs of encouragement and take the first small step, then the next.  Before you know it you have got there!"

Daphne's blog is full of positive gems of advice like this and time spent reading through her posts on everything from style to ageing and self-development is sure to encourage you to follow your dreams. 

Daphne has said that our Nintu tote is perfect for bringing to book signings  and we are honoured that our bag is accompanying such a vibrant role model and a rich collection of stories from the fashion world. 

Watch Daphne's presentation on The One Show below: