Hyojin Park: Spiritual Garden at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street

Hyojin Park is a a South Korean artist, whose work focuses on stunning abstract sculptures that burst with colour and life. Her latest exhibition, Spiritual Garden is at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery on Charlotte Street, and is a vivid floral celebration, which is very welcome at this time of year.

Park’s sculptures about the room consist of delicate, crisp flower arrangements, that on closer inspection, viewers can see are made from fabric. The tranquility of the displays have been disturbed, as Park has throws high-pigment acrylic paint over the flowers. The paint is full of fluidity and forms in drips of colour all over the flowers. The effect is akin to an abstract expressionist method and the movement and erratic nature of the paint splatters contrasts beautifully with the still, motionless display of the floral arrangement.

Not quite content, Park continues to challenge viewers’ assumptions of her artwork by then photographing the paint-splattered flowers. The flowers are photographed on a black background that sinks away into the abyss while the flowers stand centered in the foreground, captivating the viewers with their stark beauty.

Spiritual Garden is a majestic mixture of photography, and still life arrangements, capturing the fabric renditions of cut-flowers that are brought back to life through the kinetic energy of the paint.  Walking through Park’s Spiritual Garden, one might reflect how every living thing is a blank canvas, absorbing the energies and colours that each day throws at it; a constantly evolving work of art that is as unique as it is constantly evolving.

Spiritual Garden is on at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Charlotte Street until 22nd December 2017.  More information may be found here.