Nikoleta Sekulovic: Aletheia at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Conway Street

The Rebecca Hossack Gallery on Conway Street is an incredible work of art to take in by itself before one can even contemplate the artwork it houses. The gallery is full of flowers and floral archways, with giant colourful roses snaking up and round a spiral staircase that leads to the top floor of the show space. It provides the most wonderful welcome and this month, the gallery is hosting Nikoleta Sekulovic’s incredibly stunning and down to earth exhibition, Aletheia.

Sekulovic was born in Rome to a German mother and Serbian father and is currently working in Madrid. She has exhibited in London, Paris and New York, Aletheia comprises of her first collection for the Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

“Aletheia” is a Greek word variously translated as “disclosure”, “truth” or “unconcealed”. The literal meaning of the world is “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” It is the opposite of lethe, which literally means “oblivion”, “forgetfulness”, or “concealment”. Aletheia was known to some as the daughter of Zeus but in Aesop’s fables, she was said to have been created by Prometheus. Aletheia was referred to in Ancient Greek philosophy and is now called upon by Nikoleta Sekulovic to preside over her majestic and motherly paintings. The titles of each painting also take their names from the fundamental principles of Greek philosophy.

Aletheia is a display of mammoth paintings that tower over viewers, baring everything proudly and yet vulnerably. The exhibition focuses heavily on the female form, using a pale nude shade and simple colour palette. The backgrounds of the paintings are sparse and free from distractions, keeping the viewers gaze on the beautiful mothers that Sekulovic used as her muses.

The figures in the paintings are all nude, exposing their skin and all their slight ‘imperfections’ to viewers. Sekulovic takes a “less is more” approach, using few lines and colours in her paintings. The fewer amount of lines and natural style of the brush strokes reflect the imperfections of the human body, and also celebrates them.

Sekulovic’s process is as much about productivity as it is about reduction. She kept her paintings and colours simple, with the overall focus on the models. The only other character featured in the paintings is a small, dark furred dog. Sekulovic attempted, and succeeded in representing the female form perfectly, with all its complexity, in a simple and breathtaking way, capturing every line and every curve that the body takes.

“Dynamis” is a magnificent painting showing a woman casually lounging on the floor while a small dog sits by her side. The expression on the woman’s face is completely blank, she shows no embarrassment over her nakedness or urge to cover herself up as she is shown off to the world, but rather looks completely at ease with herself and her body.

Aletheia presents an authentic and pure display of femininity, with inspiration and passion painted across every inch of the paintings. Through delicate lines and shades, Aletheia whispers a message to viewers.  The message is delivered in an understated style that only the most solid caliber of confidence affords and it tells us to be true to ourselves and to be true to our bodies. The paintings encourage us to embrace something as beautiful as the female form in its natural state, and to never conceal who we really are.

Aletheia is on at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Conway Street until 22nd December 2017. More information may be found here.