Salon 003: Calder on Paper: 1960-1976 at The Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi gallery is currently hosting ‘Salon 003: Calder on Paper: 1960-1976’, which is one half of a spectacular display of Alexander Calder’s work; the other half of the show, ‘Calder on Paper: 1939-1959’ is on display at the Omer Tiroche Gallery, London.

Born in Pennsylvania, USA, to a family of academic sculptures, Alexander Calder became involved in the arts and sculpting, however, unlike his family’s more conventional style of sculpting, Calder broke away from family traditions and began to create his own style of work to visually express his thoughts and the way he viewed the world, pushing every boundary he could on his way to becoming one of the twentieth centuries most celebrated artists.

The exhibition is held in Salon 003 in the Saatchi gallery, the perfect space to display Calder’s work. The room opens up onto a small balcony overlooking the gallery space. The walls of the room are pure white with copious amounts of light, illuminating the entire room and its contents.

Calder’s paintings are positioned around the entire room, bringing colour and fun to an otherwise bare room. In the middle of the room, suspended from the ceiling, is one of Calder’s famous mobile sculptures, hanging in wait for the slightest breath of air to set it in motion.

This exhibition features heavily on Calder’s bright and colourful gouaches, taking a step away from his famous mobiles and sculptures. The gouaches were often the design starting point for Calder’s sculptures.

Calder’s paintings on display here are predominantly made up of simple and identifiable shapes and objects, such as cubes, spheres, pyramids, figures with faces and the solar system, giving the viewer a chance to connect with the art and form their own interpretations of his work.

Alexander Calder pushed boundaries within his work, creating abstract yet recognisable shapes, experimenting with the way he saw the world and documenting it in a yet to be iconic form of art.

The work shown here at the Saatchi gallery, and at the Omer Tiroche Gallery, London, shows a lifetime of Calder’s art, spanning over decades, conveying the passion, love, and dedication that the artist put into his work. From that passion and joy, came the creation of the vibrant works that are on display here - paving the way for new and exciting art from artists and viewers, inspired by Calder’s work.

Salon 003: Calder on Paper: 1960 - 1976 is on at The Saatchi Gallery until 7th January 2018. More information may be found here.