Hermann Mejía: Within at Gallery Elena Shchukina

London is full of secrets and hidden treasures to be found, which is exactly what viewers will find in the back roads of Bond Street. Tucked away down a picturesque little alley is Gallery Elena Shchukina, which is currently home to Hermann Mejía’s first ever UK solo exhibition, “Within”.

The exhibition explores themes of memory, dreams, disappointment, unfulfilled dreams and frustration depicted through landscapes and animals. Mejía’s art is inspired by struggle and conflict and contains many complex ideas and emotions. Mejía’s incredible gift is being able to transform the ugliness of these themes and emotions into something beautiful and inspiring.

Mejía’s works are bewitching, consisting of enchanting colours and strong brush strokes, spread confidently over the canvasses. Each painting holds itself high, completely and utterly mesmerising viewers, drawing them in to discover the stories each one holds.

‘Pond’ (2016) shows a stunning mass of various shades of pink, against a deep petrol blue background. The painting is so beautiful and full of life and colour that viewers will be shocked upon the revelation that it was inspired by the idea of an abandoned house; a shell full of ghosts and memories, disappointment leaking from the cracks, while dreams are held prisoner inside. Viewers are left wondering what lies beneath the beautiful surface of the pond down in the inky murky abyss of its waters.

The artworks featured in ‘Within’ all contain similar concepts as that found in ‘Pond’. Hidden messages lurk beneath the surface of the paint; messages of loss, struggle, pain and anguish, hiding insidiously behind a thin veil of attractive colours.

Mejía’s selection of watercolours on display refer to a collection of photographs he compiled of the recent Venezuelan riots. The paintings are full of bright colours and perfect strokes, creating something beautiful from a horrific set of events. Although the paint is set and the paintings are frozen they create a moving scene in the viewers mind, showing images of protestors battling through smoke, fire and colours. Whether the protestors fought for or against, the paintings display their journey, through the flow of watercolours, towards their future.

Gallery Elena Shchukina gives viewers the opportunity to view Mejía’s magnificent work, and share his history and the surroundings of his life through his paintings. ‘Within’ tells tales of woe, struggle, strangled emotions and fractured dreams, and yet it opens new doors for viewers and budding artists in a breathtakingly positive way.

'Within' is on at Gallery Elena Schukina until 10th November 2017.  More information may be found here.