Galeries Bartoux, London

For abstract, animal and fruit loving art enthusiasts, Galeries Bartoux is just the place to visit. Shining brightly in the heart of New Bond Street, the gallery is oozing with colour as pieces of abstract and surreal art spill over the space and can lure one through door with a single glance at the captivating windows.

Inside the gallery, the walls and floor glisten with artwork, from paintings on walls and sculptures on podiums foresting the floor, to the beautiful architecture of the building itself. On the floor, there are several small glass areas giving viewers tiny glimpses at the artwork that continues to be displayed on the lower level. Some viewers will find themselves tip-toeing around the glass floor - just in case!

Galeries Bartoux prides itself in its specialized collection of contemporary art and promoting new artistic currents, offering viewers the possibility of rediscovering works emanating from modern day surrealism and new realism movements, as well as the great masters of pop and street art. Their collection of artworks is spread globally over sixteen galleries, including France, Singapore, New York, and the newest addition to the family, London.

Several pieces featured in the galleries’ wonderful collection are from French artist Julien Marinetti. Marinetti’s artistic style involves creating sculptures from clay, before creating the final model in bronze. Marinetti then paints the surface of the sculptures and coats in a lacquer to enhance their colour. These bronze sculptures are like a three-dimensional painting of sorts.

During Marinetti’s stay in Asia, he became inspired by panda bears, seen in Singapore and Chengdu, and created a series of panda sculptures. One of these sculptures can be viewed in London at Galeries Bartoux, a rare and magnificent sight of a pop-art panda.

Marinetti’s ‘Doggy John’ sculptures are heavily featured here, dotted around the gallery like being at a psychedelic rainbow Crufts. The ‘Doggy John’s’ are based on the French Bulldog breed, to which Marinetti applies a pictorial treatment, mixing painting and sculpture. His ‘Doggy John’ sculptures have become incredibly famous and have been exhibited in several countries and galleries worldwide, making ‘Doggy John’ one incredibly well-travelled pup.

‘Panthére Dentelle’ by Richard Orlinski prowls along the front windows, baring its shiny bronze teeth at viewers and passers by. The giant, golden cat takes centre stage as it illuminates the store front and the street.

Richard Orlinski is a Paris born French sculptor. He studied at the National Fine Arts School in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and then chose to devote himself to sculpture. Orlinski’s work is incredibly difficult to mistake or miss. It is astonishingly unique and every line of the sculptures is perfectly balanced and flawless in composition, creating some of the most beautiful pieces of animal artwork. The materials Orlinski uses adorn references to the Pop Art movement, which nurtured his youth and continues to feed his work.

Orlinski’s artworks offer a panoramic view to what contemporary art has to offer, and leaves viewers questioning the perception of artwork society has created in that art must be a flat piece of work with four sides, only viewed face on. Orlinski creates work with many sides and depths, that can only be fully appreciated when viewed from all possible angles.

Downstairs, Galeries Bartoux takes a fruity twist. On display are several shining sculptures of delicious, succulent, looking cherry sculptures. These realistic bronze sculptures are the work of Lothar Vigelandzoon. Lothar was born in Paramaribo, Surinam. He then lived in the Netherlands from 1966 to 2000, and currently resides in France, where he is an active sculptor. Lothar’s sculpting focuses on realistically coloured fruit and work is characterised by movement and balance, leaving sufficient space for the viewer’s own fantasy.

Without a doubt, Galeries Bartoux offers pleasingly bizarre sculptures and paintings wherever viewers lay their eyes. Every wall and inch of the floor screams with colour, begging for attention. Stepping through the doors into the gallery and off of the streets of London, viewers will feel as though they have stepped through a contemporary Looking Glass and emerged in the shining heart of an artistic Wonderland. Offering complete escape and tantalising respite from the norm, viewers will find it difficult to leave the curious and abstract world of Galeries Bartoux.

More information about Galeries Bartoux may be found here.