Leonardo Ulian: Real Reality at BEERS London

Inspired by a dream he once had, Leonardo Ulian’s exhibition ‘Real Reality’ at BEERS London is an incredible display of works showing the artist’s conscious and subjectively created, from a subconscious state, futuristic dystopian universe.

It is incredibly interesting that Ulian chose the word “Real” for the title of this exhibition, as the word “real” originates from the latin “res” meaning ‘material object’ or ‘thing/matter’, an extremely interesting notion that Ulian explores and bases his art on in this series of works.

The exhibition explores the relationship between reality, fantasy and artistic creation. Ulian created his work by almost exclusively using circuit-board pieces and technological parts, coupled with coloured sand, concrete and steel. His work suggests subtle states of being, transcendence and euphoria, calling into question the ideas of reality, technology and human perception. The exhibition causes the viewer to think about the current technological age and the desire for spiritual connectivity.

In Ulian’s dream, he experienced a world where artificial intelligence and virtual reality was on the rise. The idea of the exhibition is to provoke thoughts of whether science-fiction is beginning to govern our sense of reality. Ulian himself states that “virtuality” is more real than “reality” because everything in it is consciously decided, while the perception of “reality” is effected by factors such as personal beliefs, traditions and preconceptions.

‘Real Reality’ is a cosmic visual metaphor showing Ulian’s world through peepholes, created from wires, sand, and found technology, to create visions and landmarks as though they are being viewed from space. Ulian’s creations give viewers a chance to think about the ‘real’ world we live in and how we identify it.

The exhibition reveals a new world created from continuous flowing geometric patterns and forms, displaying the artist’s daydreams and visions. The geometric patterns form a hypnotic, rhythmic chaos. Natural scientists have recently discovered that geography, history and human activity all form some sort of repetitive pattern that can be predicted and strategically mapped out. This discovery is shown in Ulian’s works featured in ‘Real Reality’.

BEERs, London is a beautiful white space and provides the perfect backdrop to the delicacy and detail within Ulian’s work. Pictures are displayed on every wall, while sculptures are placed on podiums in the middle of the space, or hanging from the ceiling, leaving no corner untouched by the conceptual futuristic world of Ulian.

‘Fireworks’ (2017) is a stunning display of fireworks created from wires shaped into light trails and explosions of colour. Ulian used coloured sand to create the effect of fire and light on the blaze of the fireworks, showing the perfect attention to detail in his work.

At the far end of the gallery, ‘Technological Mandala 118 (Revolution, Involution)’ (2017) hangs proudly from the ceiling. The piece is made from wires and metal that have been welded together accompanied by various parts of the inner workings of circuits boards. In the centre of the piece, there are two heads looking away from one another, yet they are connected by wiring and a piece of circuit board which has wires expanding from it, like thoughts flowing from each of the minds.

Pyramids are featured in some of the works possibly due to the alien reality of the exhibition and the speculations of alien technology and involvement in the creation of the pyramids, relating to the fantastical dystopian atmosphere of the exhibition.

The exhibition really makes the viewer feel as though they have entered and become part of Ulian’s virtual futuristic world, questioning all that is known to be true.

Leonardo Ulian's "Real Reality" is on show at Beers London until 11th November 2017.  More information may be found here.