Holly Zandbergen: I Sit In The Blue Of The Hills at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

The Rebecca Hossack Gallery is currently home to the spectacular set of paintings titled, ’I Sit In The Blue Of The Hills’, by New Zealand artist, Holly Zandbergen.

The Rebecca Hossack Gallery houses a compact space, which leads to an immediate intimacy between the viewer and the paintings, which is an enormous honour when faced with Holly Zandbergen’s sublime paintings.

The 10 paintings on display depict the Southern Alps of the artist’s native New Zealand.  Through the unique energy within her paintwork it is clear to see why Zandbergen was shortlisted for the New Zealand Art Show Emerging Artist Award in 2013 and won the Prudential Best Young Artists Award, The National Open Art Competition in 2015.

Her mountainscape paintings are a whirlpool of colours; bright blue and icy hues mix together with warm earthy tones and the layers of oil paint built up with a palette knife give the works an organic, tactile sense of nature’s beauty. The artist’s technique results in a textured, almost three-dimensional effect that invites the viewer to take in the paintings from every angle. Multiple layers of colours leak over the sides of the canvas, beckoning for a closer look. The enormous paintings are positioned all around the gallery, fully immersing the viewer in the stunning worlds they present; completely breathtaking but also full of peace and clarity.

‘Mt Aoraki II’ (2017) shows a magnificent mammoth of a mountain and the work exemplifies Zandbergen’s mastery of light and air. While gazing upon the scene the viewer can almost feel the cold air wrapping around them, while the sun lightly touches over the tip of the mountain, creating a gentle warm glow for the viewer.

Overall, the paintings in this exhibition offer the viewer a unique fusion of tranquility and exhilaration that is normally associated with for a walk through nature and for any landscape enthusiast, Zandbergen’s paintings offer an artistic breath of fresh air.

'I sit in the Blue of the Hills' is on at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London until 30th September.  More information may be found here.