Celebrating a Chinese Artist for the Chinese New Year

One of the most beautiful contemporary works of art we have ever come across is by Lin Jingjing, a young Chinese female artist. China Dream: Waiting For a Miracle, 2015, is a print, acrylic and thread on canvas. Stretching over an expanse of 51" x 51", its vivid colours and gentle light fill us with hope, joy and the magic of all possibilities before us.


One of the most unique elements of Lim Jingjing's work is the intricate use of embroidered threads across her canvases. The threads add texture, depth and highlight the complexity and delicacy of emotions that are conveyed in her paintings.

The Chinese Dream is a theme that runs through much of Lin Jingjing's work. In China Dream: Waiting for the Miracle, she explores the dichotomy between the dreams of the individual and the cultural ties by which they are bound or held back. The use of embroidered threads upon the painting amplify the sense of entanglement and illusion of personal freedom that exists in China and indeed in most societies.

As we celebrate the beginning of a new Chinese lunar calendar, there is no better time than to plant your wishes.  Be clear about your intentions for the year ahead and align yourself with the traits of the rooster - such as hard work, practical observance, sociability and pride in your appearance - to  move further towards your dreams.  Ties or no ties, we all have the right to dream and work towards reaching them.  We wish you all the best with yours for the Year of the Rooster!

China Dream: Waiting For a Miracle is In private hands, Germany, images published by courtesy of owner. More of Jin Lingjing's work may be viewed on her website www.linjingjing.org