Who is Ennigaldi?

Ennigaldi is an iconic Babylonian figure on the historic timeline.  A highly educated and influential princess, Ennigaldi founded and curated the world’s first museum over 2500 years ago in Mesoptomania (derived from the Greek meaning “two rivers”), the region that is nowadays recognised as Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria and Turkey.

In the tradition of daughters of Mesoptomanian kings, Ennigaldi’s first duties were both religious and educational. She assumed the role of High Priestess of the Moon God Nanna and was head of a school for young priestesses. An avid patron of the arts, Ennigaldi strove to collect and preserve objects of her time and artifacts of the past, under the notion that their beauty and cultural symbolism should hold meaning and value then and beyond.  Some of the objects in her collection were as ancient to her as the Roman Empire is to us and the legacy of her museum supports the idea that the torches of wisdom and achievements of the past civilisations should be held up high and passed into the future.

Designed under this ethos, we have designed our bags in honour of the ancient world of Babylon with the aim of reviving an appreciation for the beauty of this lost kingdom in our current times. Based on a Mesoptomanian palette of warm earthy tones of ochre and terracotta juxtaposed against celestial shades of lapis and sky blue, the collection is rich with historic references from the Gates of Ishtar in our laser-cut leatherwork motifs and adorned with the scholarly symbol of the rod and scroll. Each bag is a work of art in itself, framed in minimalistic geometric lines that lend a timeless aesthetic, thus preserving and celebrating the stories of Babylon for now and the future.