Seizing your Creative Path


Princess Ennigaldi encompasses the brand’s vision perfectly, personifying all we seek to achieve through our creativity. Ennigaldi educated the world on what it means to be creative, think for yourself and liberate your being and our bags, crafted in her name, carry her message.

The Ennigaldi woman is on a personal quest of discovery in this world.  Nomadic, open and questioning, she is enchanted by art, ideas and cultures of far-flung lands and forgotten times and makes it her mission to seek and learn what she can from them.  Her values are modelled only from her own experiences and a pastiche of both earthly and ethereal influences that she explores and absorbs along the way. Forging her own path, she is not afraid to face the challenges on the journey to her heart’s true desires, find out what she loves and radiate her unique shining light to inspire others who follow in her shadow.

The Ennigaldi woman is not afraid to step into her own power, own her identity and seize her unique purpose.  Both scholar and educator, she encourages others to think like her and sail their own boat on the seas of life for she knows that under your own steerage, you will be forced to navigate and remember the lessons that arise for yourself and you will travel lighter, freer and further.   The stories and wisdom you gather will be your own and therefore all the more valuable to share with others.